About Karun

A childhood passion for collecting has, after forty years, resulted in an eclectic and highly personal collection. It spans many centuries, from Bactrian bronze beads to Venetian glass and Ghanaian film posters from the 1980’s.

Antique textiles from Asian and Africa have always been a major area of interest. Asian textiles range from 14th century Indian Trade cloths to folk textiles and costumes from Central Asia, Japan, Bhutan and Afghanistan. African textiles are primarily narrow loom weavings from Ghana, Nigeria and other West African countries. North African textiles include embroideries, veils and haiks from Morocco and Tunisia.

Other key areas are Renaissance glass trade beads from Venice, painted chests from Tibet, folk bronzes from India, Islamic artifacts from Iran, terracotta antiquities, Gandhara stone carvings, icons and crosses from Ethiopia, gold and silver jewellery and glass beads from almost everywhere. This shows just how wide ranging my interests have been and they are continually expanding.

Much of the pleasure these objects provide is derived from their association with the people and places where they were acquired but equally in sharing them with other enthusiasts.

The aim of this blog is to start publishing them and to establish a dialogue with academics, collectors and dealers. It is not intended to be a selling site and most items are not readily available for inspection as they are held in storage.

All images copyright: Karun Thakar